So many of us feel down when not recognized by peers or family members for good we do. Why? Why we allow this need to consume our being? What stands behind peer pressure?

It is a rather complicated subject. I’ve heard many teenagers say:”I don’t care!” when in reality these sensitive loving kids do care, they just don’t want to get hurt. When we grow up, we hopefully become wiser, but the need for love, recognition, and acceptance by others remains. As women we need to be loved and praised. When we don’t feel others appreciate what we do we feel hurt. Sometimes this hurt leeds to depression, anxiety, withdrawal.  How many desperate housewives are out there, seeking recognition for their hard work? How many nice women wait desperately for their boss to see and comment on the report they prepared or other kind of job well done?

How can we stop the vicious  circle of hurt and negative emotions? You need to realize that you are special in the eyes of God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a daughter of King Almighty. That makes you royalty. As a Princess, do you really need approval from other people all that much? Speak in prayer t your Heavenly Father, ask him to restore your joy. Enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. Nothing makes him happier than to see you down, weeping in pain, being depressed or angry. We are human, experiencing emotions is part of it. But with Lord’s help you can become stronger and dependable only on Him, the Creator of the Universe.

Father God, please give me strength and wisdom. Thank yo for beautiful friendships that I have. Thank you for giving me friends in my life I can rely on. Please remove the spirits of desperation, anger, anxiety, and sadness from my life. I am asking you to restore my joy. I want to walk with you in strength all the days of my life. I am your daughter and your acceptance and recognition is more than enough. Amen.


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