Stepping Forward in Obedience


Yesterday I was supposed to speak to a group of women in Malibu.

As soon as I got up I realized it was to be one of THOSE mornings:

First,  a friend, who was supposed to go with me and record a video of the event texted that she had to cancel. 

Second, I had a bout of allergies with non-stop sneezing and watery eyes for over an hour. I had not have allergy symptoms in years, why today?

I could not find a sweater I wanted to wear. My closet is organized, yet it was nowhere to be found… I had to pick something else.

A transcript of my speech wouldn’t show up on a computer screen. When I finally got a printer to work there was a paper jam. Next, it promptly ran out of blue and yellow ink. Though I only needed black ink the machine refused to print…

I wanted to have my notes, and it took me about five attempts to finally open the document on an iPad.

I begun to pray and prayed every step of the way, as I often do in such frustrating situations. 

Soon my allergy miraculously cleared without medication, it was completely gone by the time I got to church. I quickly found something nice to wear, accessories and all, my car started and I got to the place on time. 

As my girlfriend wasn’t available to film my speech  another friend kindly agreed to do the job. 

The presentation went well. I didn’t need my notes after all!
Afterwards a woman came up with tears in her eyes. She told me that my story reminded her of times when she supported a ministry that was smuggling Bibles to the Soviet Union. We talked for quite some time and were amazed how many things we had in common. It truly felt like a Divine Appointment.

As I am writing this I am lying in bed sick with a food poisoning or a flu. I was ill a week before as well. I am also have been very sad about the news I get from my native Ukraine… Today my emotions can easily spiral down with self-pity and frustration.

Yet again I need to focus on prayer and gratitude. What can I be thankful for, even under these circumstances? Well, here are a few things:
– I am recovering at home, it would have been much worse if I was traveling.
– I have freedom to cancel or postpone all engagements and appointments and focus on getting well.
– I can use this break from usual activities to pray for my family, friends and everything that comes to mind, including governments and political situations.
– I am blessed to have my family and friends.

Is my body feeling much better after this exercise? Nope. But my spirit is soaring a little higher now. And for that too I am grateful.


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