Here we go again

Often when I am stepping in obedience to complete a task Lord assigns to me strange things begin to happen. Often I am forced to be still and reflect- like a dormant tree, only to bloom again in due season.

Yesterday I was supposed to speak in front of a group of women in Malibu. When I got up I found a text message on my phone saying that a friend who was supposed to join me had to cancel. What a pity, I would miss her…
A few minutes later I realized that it was one of THOSE mornings:
the document I was working on wouldn’t show up on the computer screen;
All of a sudden I had a bout of allergies with non-stop sneezing and watery eyes for about an hour- I had not have it in years!
When I finally got a printer to work there was a paper jam, next it promptly ran out of blue and yellow ink- I only need black but nevertheless the machine refused to print…
It took me about five attempts to finally open the document on my iPad so I could refer to it if needed during the presentation. 
A sweater I was going to wear was not there- quite frustrating but a reminder to prepare my clothes the night before…
After the second mishap I thought there was something very strange going on and started to pray feverishly. Please believe me- I am computer literate! It was beginning to look suspiciously like a spiritual warfare when you are doing something to glorify God and there is a strong force opposing your every step. So I prayed every step of the way. 
Thank God my allergy miraculously cleared out without medication and was completely gone, I found something nice to wear in no time-accessories and all, my car started and I got to the place on time. Yeah!
As my girlfriend wasn’t there to film I was trying to get to work a camera I haven’t used in a while. I did not remember where was the record button on this high-tech thing, so it took me a few minutes to figure it out. After a quick prayer thankfully it worked and another friend kindly agreed to do the job. Thank you, Lord!

The presentation went well. Actually after I prayed and asked God to speak through me- I didn’t need my notes after all!
Often after even a shortest speaking engagements Lord sends me Divine Appointments to encourage to go on and to witness what He can do when I rely on Him. English is my third language, I am a former math teacher- I can’t speak publicly unless He takes care of it!
A woman came up with tears in her eyes and told me that a part of my testimony was an answer to her prayers from years back. We talked for quite some time and were amazed how many things we had in common – another god-incident. Glory be to God!

As I am writing this I am lying in bed sick with a food poisoning or a flu. I was ill a week before as well. I am also have been very sad about the news I get from my native Ukraine… There is a spiritual battle going on, seems like a big one. I truly feel like a kitten it in a dumpster right now… 

Ok, Lena, let’s try to be grateful under any circumstances:
I am at home, not sick on a trip;
I have freedom to cancel or postpone all engagements and appointments;
I can focus on praying for my family, friends and everything that comes to mind that needs to be covered in prayer, including governments and political situations;
I am blessed to have above said family and friends.
Is my body feeling much better after this exercise? Nope. But my spirit is soaring a little higher now. Thank you.
Like so many times in the past I rely on Him for healing and guidance. I will complete my studies and become a Certified Christian Life Coach in a matter of weeks. I am asking for divine healing, clear head and abundant strength . Amen.


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