Meditative Cross Stitching

Cross Stitching

“So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.” Ecclesiastes 2:24

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved crafts. Knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, cross stitching – you name it – I love them all! Over the years I’ve learned it’s okay to have various unfinished projects around the house. I can just pick them up as I feel like without feeling guilty of not having completed it within a deadline. I now view the crafts as instruments to flow my creativity, not necessarily as a present for someone. If my project has a deadline, it adds to stress, and that is the very thing I want to avoid.

There’s something very special about complicated cross stitching patterns. I love to work with blank canvas, looking at my pattern, watching the whole picture slowly appear as I work through it, adding colors and shapes. Still sometimes my OCD lifts it’s head… Many people I know will get frustrated after the first to second stage but most likely the will never start such a task. For me it’s a relaxation and meditation.

It is a creative process even if I don’t create a pattern. When I work on something beautiful, I don’t stress out or overthink the problems of a day. Somehow it prompts me to dream.
We often think about the meaning of our life and the importance of what we do. We program ourselves to succeed, to achieve, to conquer. We ultimately want to be remembered.

My works, even the most elaborate once, are very meaningful to me. They are beautiful, but it was I who did the work. Sometimes in a corner or a thrift store I come across a beautiful cross stitched picture covered in dust. I would never know who made it, what their life was like nor what that person was thinking about as they spent numerous hours completing their craft.

Couple days ago I decided to read the book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible. It was the first book I ever read when I started reading the Bible 20 years ago. The phrase that goes as a refrain for the whole 12 chapters is: enjoy your life and fruit of your labor, and that all our worries, problems, struggles and achievements- everything is meaningless. What did the author exactly mean by meaningless? I’m not a biblical scholar and I would like to urge you to read these passages for yourself, meditate on them and pray for understanding. People could go to seminaries and spend their lives trying to understand what is the message from God for them and for others. Or you can daily fall on your knees and humbly proclaim: Lord I know nothing, please teach me today…

“All is meaningless under the sun…”How meaningless is it? Should we just give up on searching for life’s purpose? Shall we never worry our heads with a legacy we are to leave behind?
As I asked these questions I was reminded of one of the major differences between the Old and the New Testaments. We need not meaninglessly wonder through life because God Almighty sent us his Holy Spirit to guide us. What we need to do is to ask listen.

Meditative Cross Stitching



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  1. Loved this post.



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