Practical approach to a healthier life style


Do you wonder how come you can be diligent with your Bible studies and other aspects of your life but come evening all you can think of is a box of chocolates you are ready to devour? How can you conquer the demon of overheating? Good question, but only you really know the answer. What are the patterns in your life that lead to overindulgence? Have you ask your doctor for advice? Did she check your hormone levels and other important elements? What kind of health plans worked for you in the past? How can you implement healthier eating? What is your exercise routine? Can it be improved? Can you come up with a plan and stick to it? Do you need an accountability partner/ workout buddy?
If you tried to answer the above listed questions may I make a few suggestions?
Like with all coaching, I recommend first to set a goal, to visualize it. Envision yourself vibrant, energetic,healthy. Find pictures that inspire you: a plate of healthy food, a nice workout outfit, a person doing your favorite activity. Create a plan of implementing changes. For some people lifestyle changes need to be very small to be manageable and the goal-attainable. Many rush into totally changing lifestyle full-speed only to be burned-out very soon. Allow yourself to be flexible, but not too much, or the whole plan soon will go out through the window. Drastic changes in diet and workout routines can be dangerous and cause unnecessary stress to the body. They are possible but needed to be done under a supervision of a specialist- a dietician, nutritionist, trainer, doctor. My approach is gradual changes and moderation. For me there are days when I work out more, but usually I try to be persistent in incorporating some kind of movement daily. For you it may be 5-15 minutes a day. I don’t recommend all of a sudden go to the gym every day for two hours- even if it did not harm you you may burn out fast and go to your comfort zone, which very likely is the couch. I also love food and it’s comforting effects. So I try to make my comfort winter food healthier. I cook a lot of soups and stews, using lean meat and poultry and veggies, avoiding too many fats and dairy. Today I made a shake with spinach, broccoli, blueberries, an apple and protein powder, as well as some soup. For the soup I boiled some turkey for stock, added sweet potato, onion, carrot, peas, quinoa, and brussels sprouts. Added salt, pepper and basil and ended up with a delicious comfort dish for a rainy day. Bon appetite!


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