Setting INTENTIONS changes how you feel TODAY AND EVERY DAY!

Difference between goals and intentions.

Do you know the difference between intentions and goals?

Today I was reminded that not everyone understands the difference between intentions and goal setting. In this post I will clarify the difference. I will also give recommendations on how to set your daily intentions.

Setting goals helps you to move in the direction of your dreams. You probably tried many times to set long term and short term goals. You set them for different areas of your life, with various levels of success in achieving them. As you were reaching for these goals you may have often felt overwhelmed or stuck. If you felt you were not making significant progress on your goals you probably got discouraged and quit. How about those last year’s NY resolutions?

Your goals can be achieved easier when you not only divide your big goals into small “bite-size” portions, but when you get clear on how you want to feel on any particular day, regardless of your progress on your goals.

That is the difference between goals and intentions: while goals are focusing on your compelling future, intentions are focusing on your feelings in a present moment.
Your intentions help you focus on what matters to you the most and they are deeply connected to your core values and emotions. With consistency and enough practice you can achieve emotional mastery and feel confident and empowered with any goal setting process!

By setting your daily intentions you are commanding your subconscious mind how you want to feel, regardless of your progress on your goals, external challenges or conversations you have with other people. Circumstances may provoke you to get angry or overwhelmed. However when you start your day by writing down “Today I want to be at peace and feel calm”, you’re going to face life’s challenges with a different attitude and mindset.

When you setting your intentions focus on how you want to feel on that particular day. Review the challenges of the past few days and decide what emotions you would like to experience.

You may choose to write: Today I intend to…
– feel and experience love,
– be joyful
– feel abundant energy
– be vibrant
– smile and laugh
– connect with myself and my desires
– connect with my partner on a very deep emotional level
– embrace peace
– claim my freedm
– claim my inner strength
– experience tranquility
– experience abundance ( if you are afraid of not having enough.)
To better connect to your emotions I recommend writing your intentions down. When you use writing utensils and stationary or a journal (instead of typing them up) you slow down your writing process your brain gets just enough extra time to process emotions you command it to experience.

To create a new habit of daily intentions I invite you to join a 21-day Gratitude and Intentions Challenge. Every day you will write a sentence about what you are grateful for and a sentence about what feelings you would like to experience.

To make this process easier print out a weekly Intentions and Gratitude sheet I created for you.
Get it here:  WORKSHEET

Setting intentions and then experiencing what you would like to feel takes some practice, but it is absolutely worth it and can be life changing!

I wish you the best on your journey to success and happiness.

Strive to live joyfully!



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