Thoughts After The Wild Fires in California

Hello there!

How your week has been so far? I am sure a lot is going on. Less than two weeks before Christmas and less then three before the New Year!

Our son graduated from college las weekend and going to the graduation made me realize once again how fast the time goes by…

As we were driving to our son’s college through Santa Barbara and other coastal cities we saw miles and miles of scorched hillsides, had to breathe in smoke we couldn’t escape and experienced this eerie feeling of darkness that surrounded everything in sight at noon, when the sun was barely visible through the ash clouds…


All of this made me reexamine not only last year but my life.

What is really important?

If you had to evacuate with only a handful of belongings, what will you take? We had to make this choice a few years back during a fire in Malibu. That fire burned over fifty structures, including homes and a beautiful church…
Our home was spared, yet the feeling of helplessness remained for quite some time.

As a life coach I was asking God what can we do during times like these. The answer I got was, we can pray, we can help others, we can reevaluate our lives, attitude and actions. We can start living our lives to the fullest right now.

I spent over twenty years studying human behavior and what motivates us. Need to avoid pain is by far a much greater motivator than desire to reach for something.

The older we get the more prone to overthinking we get. We become paralyzed by indecision. We spend way to much time being concerned and worried.

We are wired to be fearful, yet we are given the power to change that. How? By changing our ways of thinking. It takes time and effort, but it is attainable.

Controlling your mind is within your reach. There are numerous books, videos and seminars available today. You can even hire a coach, something unheard of in the past! It is so much easier now than when I first started, when personal development was not as popular and wildly accessible.

The choice is yours. Are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet? Invest in your spiritual and personal growth. Make a decision, put it on a calendar. You will be glad you did.


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