Is coaching right for me?

fullsizeoutput_d38Do you ever feel like you already achieved so much but for some reason are not fully satisfied with your life? Is there an aspect in your life where you feel limited and constrained? Are you longing for more, wishing to reignite your dreams and passions and take inspired actions? Do you want to break out of limitations and frustrations of everyday life that is surrounding you now?  Are you are fed up with boring routine and procrastination?

Some of my clients want to break through fear of the unknown and open themselves to the new possibilities.

Others wonder if it is too late to rediscover themselves after kids left home.   Many have put their desires on hold for too long and are ready for more out of life.

A person is ready for coaching when they grow frustrated with their present situation and realize they’re ready for change. They want to change NOW.

These women realize that they have choices but need guidance and the tools to figure out which road to take. They welcome opportunities for change in their lives but are  afraid to act. In their hearts they know they are ready to break free and soar.

If you

  • want to reach your full potential
  • want to take time to discover God-given purpose for your life
  • ready to fulfill your dreams, achieve your goals and aspirations
  • motivated when you have positive support and encouragement
  •  a bit concerned of making drastic changes in your life but you are longing for such changes anyway
  • longing to re-ignite your passion for life but fears (like that of being misunderstood or ridiculed) are holding you back
  • want to bring around a positive change you are longing for

then you may be ready to schedule a free discovery session with me to find out if we can work together to help you achieve your dreams. If we are a match it will be my privilege to be there and witness you soar and reach your dreams and your potential.