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Lena-1I am passionate about working with successful women in order to help them create fulfilling and exciting lives they deserve. Many of my clients reach a point in their lives, when they ask themselves “Is this all there is?”

For ladies who become my clients making changes in their lives has become an absolute must. In their coaching process they come to realize their specific limitations that are holding them back. Soon they are ready to leave all that baggage behind and soar to the new heights of their true potential. Only then will they feel truly alive.

It is always a privilege and honor to witness my clients owning their God-given talents and grow in confidence in all areas of their lives, as well as overcoming fear and limiting beliefs. Witnessing clients become full of energy and excitement, finding joy and fulfillment is truly uplifting. Such self-discoveries and transformations are life-changing.

Helping clients overcome underlying fears is my specialty.

The first step to overcoming any fear is to acknowledge its presence in your life.  Once you identify your specific fears there are many effective and proven techniques to diminish and conquer their presence in your life.

Only you can reach your true potential and fulfill your destiny, but sometimes figuring it all out can be a bit confusing and even scary.

At the same time you may be lacking passionate romantic relationships, neglect your health for too long or are concerned of what other people may say or think about you.




I specialize in Transformational Coaching, which includes working on such areas of client’s lives as overcoming fears, anxiety and other obstacles that prohibit them to move forward with their lives. It also includes achieving emotion-control, better their relationships and overall wellbeing.

Education: I am a Certified Professional Life Coach. Also hold the following degrees:  M.A. in Mathematics and M.Ed


If you would like to schedule a free 30-minuite Discovery Session, inquire about my availability for speaking at your event or if you would like to ask a question please use the contact form below:


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